Mrs Brown’s Boys’ Brendan O’Carroll has said he’s hoping his show is providing some relief as we all continue to self-isolate amid the coronavirus outbreak.  The Irish star is set to return to our TV’s this week with the sitcom’s chat show spin-off All Round to Mrs Brown’s, with Caitlyn Jenner and John Barrowman dropping in for a cuppa tea with rambunxious mammy, Agnes.  But he’s well aware that everyone’s minds may be elsewhere, and has said he just hopes that fans will get something out of the series, even if it’s just a laugh for the hour it’s on.  ‘People are scared. People are afraid of things like coronavirus and the state of the world. When they get scared they get nostalgic,’ he told the Irish Mail. ‘Mrs. Brown is in tune with that.’

‘If they can tune in to something that is both nostalgic and funny it’s a double whammy for them,’ he added. ‘Half an hour when they can switch off and not think about any of that s**t.’ 

The latest series was shot before the start of the outbreak, and as such will not feature the topic of coronavirus as Agnes and her family pry into the lives of their celebrity guests. 

Caitlyn tells Agnes that she’s been ‘very blessed’ to have had 10 children over the years – Burton and Cassandra with first wife Chrystie Scott; Brandon and Brody Jenner from their marriage to Linda Thompson; and Kylie and Kendall with Kris Jenner. After marrying Kris in 1991, Caitlyn also adopted Khloe, Kim, Kourtney and Robert, the four children Kris had with late partner, Rob Kardashian.  ‘Put it this way, I did have some really good Olympic swimmers,’ she teased, causing Mrs Brown to crack up, stunned. 

Barrowman will also be bringing his parents along to have a chat with Cathy, Mrs Brown’s daughter, played by Brendan’s real-life wife, Jennifer Gibney.  They then all head off down the pub for a song and a dance – which considering recent recommendations and circumstances, we’re really jealous of right now.